“An Introduction to Roleplaying” From the publisher’s website: GURPS Lite is a page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. It covers the essentials of character. GURPS – 4th Edition – Lite – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. GURPS_Lite_(Fourth_Edition).pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf ). About; File History. There is no description yet. Add a description.

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Each competitor attempts his success roll. When you learn a language at a comprehension level above None, you automatically function at the next higher level. The default wealth level, as explained above.

Warehouse 23 – GURPS Lite (Italian Fourth Edition)

Specify the reaction-roll modifier that you get from people who recognize you. Your limitations are immediately obvious to anyone who meets you. Health measures energy and vitality. The NPC hates the characters and will act in their worst interest.

Unappealing looks give a reaction penalty; this is a disadvantage, and gives you back litf. The secondary characteristics of Will p. Traits with positive point values e.


GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition).pdf

A written comprehension level of Broken means you must read slowly. The NPC thinks highly of the characters and will be quite helpful and friendly, freely offering aid and favorable terms in most things.

You work for a living, but your lifestyle is gugps than most. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Damage Dmg Your ST determines how much damage you do in unarmed combat or with a melee weapon. Voice 10 points You have a naturally clear, resonant, and attractive voice. Similarly, scores lower than 10 have a negative cost: Perception Per represents your general alertness.

IQ just to get the basic meaning! These are usually penalties, and take the form of an Intolerance disadvantage on the part of the NPC. These scores are superior, but within the human norm.

Experienced Game Masters will, we hope, find this a valuable tool for introducing new players to the game. The details of your reputation are entirely up to you; you can be known for bravery, ferocity, eating green snakes, or whatever you want.

As above, but usable every 30 minutes. It is intended for free distribution. Each level of this ability maximum nine levels allows you to ignore -1 in combat or vision penalties due to darkness, provided there is at least some light.


GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

A middle-class American lives in more luxury than a medieval king, though he turps have fewer gold coins in his basement. A wholly inappropriate approach that antagonizes the NPCs should give the party -1 or -2 on the reaction roll. Certain attacks do extra damage if they get through armor.

Given away free by Steve Jackson Games, at conventions, via retailers and via the web in pdf form. It is always something bad — the higher the roll, the worse the result. Why is it called that?

Personal appearance and behavior. Intelligence broadly measures brainpower, including creativity, intuition, memory, perception, reason, sanity, and willpower.

The GM should not require rolls for. Higher scores cost points: Reasonable requests will be granted.