House Health Care Bill HR Summary and Discussion Updated October 8, The legislation is consistent with President Obama’s overall goals of. The American Health Care Act passed out of committee exactly ultimately culminated in HR , a bill introduced on July 14, Text for H.R – th Congress (): America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of

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House of Bull on July 14, The bill was introduced during the first session of the th Congress as part of an effort of the Democratic Party leadership to enact health care reform. The bill was not approved by the House, but was superseded by a similar bill, the proposed Affordable Health Care for America Act HRwhich was passed by the Healthacre in Novemberby hr320 margin of votes but later abandoned.

It too was unsuccessful as the Senate approved instead another proposal called the ” Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “. The CBO director subsequently noted that, in terms of total National Health Expenditure, non-governmental hsalthcare will increase as coverage expands.

House of Representatives on this bill and on the United States National Health Care Actan alternative that would establish a national, universal single-payer health insurancewere previously expected in September [7] and again in Octoberbefore the actual November vote took place.

The summary of the bill includes the following elements, among others: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of has been amended in the nature of substitute during mark-up heqlthcare since its original introduction recorded in the Congressional Record on July 14, These amendments have only been voted on by each Committee involved in order to pass out of yr3200 Committee phase but have not been voted on by the full House membership, which is needed before the originally introduced legislation can be changed to reflect any amendments recommended by the Committees and passed by a full House vote.

The Washington Post published comparison tables of the main House version with the two main Senate versions, [14] which bilk may be summarized as:. Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan organization that analyzes the effect on the federal budget of proposed and existing legislation on behalf of the Congress.

CBO analyzed the bill as of July 14, and reported the following: Businesses with hill or fewer employees can use the exchange in the first year after the act begins. The ibll changes to twenty or fewer employees the next year. On the third year, the ‘Health Choices Commissioner’ has the authority to phase in businesses with more employees. The legislation does not specify any further phases, leaving that up to the officer to decide. The act creates new standards, intended by lawmakers as methods of consumer protectionfor what would be considered a minimally acceptable insurance plan.

Employers that currently offer insurance have a five-year grace period after the act begins before they would be subject to the standards.

Individuals would be free to healthcate their own private insurance, or work with the public option, in this period and afterward. It will consist of 9 more individuals who are not federal employees gealthcare are hr3200 by the President of healthhcare United States.

It will also consist of 9 members who are appointed by the Comptroller General of the United States. Also, up to eight more members will be appointed in even numbers by the President of the United States who are federal employees and officers. Each member of the committee will serve three year terms. One often-cited provision of the un-passed bill would have authorized Medicare reimbursement for physicians who provide voluntary counseling about such subjects as hfalthcare wills.

My parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ” death panel ” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society, whether they are worthy of health care. However, the “level of productivity in society” or panels claim is not mentioned in the actual legislation, [23] which is structured primarily to amend [23] a specific clause in the Social Security Act, Section [24] of definitions that are used in sections regarding reimbursements for end-of-life counseling, including the use of Advance Directives.


Charles Boustany’s Democratic cosponsor, Earl Healthcard of Oregon, has called this attack on the bill “an all-time low”. Blumenauer said the measure would block funds for counseling that presents suicide or assisted suicide as an option, and called references to death panels or euthanasia “mind-numbing”. He said that Rush LimbaughVirginia FoxxNewt Gingrich helthcare, Charles Grassley and other Republicans defended the death panel story only after Betsy McCaughey’s editorials, and that some people at town hall meetings even wanted to “keep government out of their Medicare,” a government run program.

The page legislation began as a separate bill that was vill by Republicans Charles BoustanyPatrick Tiberi and Geoff Davis. Boustany, a heart surgeon, said the end-of-life legislation was a “good medical practice”. Grassley said that the end-of-life counseling would ” pull the plug on grandma ” and that “You shouldn’t have counseling at the end of life, you should have done that 20 years before,” which is what the legislation would allow.

The federal requirement that hospitals help patients with things like living wills began when Republican George H.

Rationing exists now, and will continue to exist with or without health care reform. The “death panel” argument was endorsed by an erroneous editorial in the Investor’s Business Dailywhich analogized the bill to the National Health Service NHS in the United Kingdom and editorialized: I have received bkll large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived.

On a separate issue, physician and conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer has criticized what he sees as a naive focus on living wills by the policymakers over other types of medical advice.

Affordable Health Care for America Act

When my father was dying, my mother and brother and I had to decide how much treatment to pursue. What was a better way to ascertain my father’s wishes: What he checked off on a form A CNN report has stated that the proposed public option is a healthcarre lightning rod ‘ in American public opinion about vill reform. This may then lead to a situation where most people end up being covered by the public insurance option.

The Congressional Budget Office ‘s analysis in late July stated that this would not be the case for the ” helathcare option ” included in H. The Lewin Groupa research firm that is part of a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group but is run independently, [52] has estimated that over million hezlthcare would join the public plan if it were structured like Medicarewhich would then make it the dominant insurer.

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

A model similar to one proposed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy would bring in between A report by the Urban Institute stated the public option would probably settle into a ‘ niche ‘ in the insurance market with other firms still able to compete. The bill bases the publicly authorized insurance plan fees on industry averages, so there is no clear economic competitive advantage versus existing private insurance.

The health insurance subsidy is available to anyone with a qualifying level of income buying bkll from the exchange regardless of whether they choose a public or private plan. A number of town hall meetings held by blil of Congress during the August congressional recess were the site of protests and disruptions by opponents of this health care reform legislation.

Many proponents of the reform bill have accused organizations such as FreedomWorksa corporate and individual funded activist group, of organizing these protests to look like grassroots opposition. The Service Employees International Union SEIUa labor union, has been accused by opponents of the reform bill of busing paid operatives into town halls to demonstrate in support of the measure.

The group denies the accusation. Ezra Klein has written in the Washington Post in late August that, in his opinion, polls now indicate that senior citizens are becoming fearful of healthcare reform, due to concerns that funding subsidies for the uninsured would require cuts to the popular Medicare program.

He said that the specific changes “don’t involve anything of the kind most of the savings would come from reducing overpayments to the private insurers that participate in the Medicare Advantage program “.


He argued that, as a result, an odd but potent political alliance has emerged with Republicans hf3200 to protect the existing Medicare program despite its position historically which has been to oppose Medicare as an entitlement. Orszagthe then director of the CBOargued in June that the Medicare program as currently structured is unsustainable without significant reform, as tax revenues dedicated to healthcae program are not sufficient to cover its rapidly increasing expenditures.

He argued that it is necessary to cut wasteful spending which is known to exist over-testing, no IT, lack of co-ordination, hospital re-admissions in order to cut costs in order to protect Medicare in the future and cut healthcre projected national deficit.

The act, as currently structured, does not cut present Medicare benefits. It reduces projected healhhcare increases in Medicare spending such as inpatient hospital service payments and ambulatory care payments that would otherwise undergo annual re-adjustments.

HR states that illegal immigrants are not eligible for the proposed taxpayer-funded affordable premium credits. Republicans have stated that there is nothing in the bill to enforce this. Honda, are trying to change those requirements. He has argued that the restriction “will only add to uncompensated care costs and costly emergency room visits. Costs due to such visits will be shifted and distributed among all those who have been mandated to carry insurance. With skyrocketing health care costs, legislators should do all that we can to contain costs for working American families”.

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding for abortions in government related health programs unless they are performed in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

A political controversy has broken out about whether or not the ‘public plan’ in HR will cover abortions, which, if done, would be funded by premiums paid by individuals to that agency and not by outside payments.

Affordable Health Care for America Act – Wikipedia

After rejecting Democratic Rep. Lois Capps ‘s amendment to segregate abortion funding, the House or Representatives voted for tighter restrictions on federal funding for elective abortions via the Stupak Amendment. Although the group gets funding from the drug lobby PhRMA as well as from the Service Employees International Unionit does not disclose this fact in the ads themselves.

The head of the Public Relations Society of AmericaMichael Cherenson, has accused the group of dishonest ‘ front group ‘ manipulations his group does not use the exact term ‘ astroturfing ‘ since it respects the trademark.

The vice chairperson of PhRMA has disputed the allegation and referred to the campaign as completely “transparent”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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