Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI “Model Power Quality Ana- lyzer.” To obtain maximum performance from the instrument, please read this manual. Manually Switchable from 2 Range Sets According to Power Analyzer Hioki Best Power Quality Analyser Harmonics Analysis Portable Power Analyser . Hioki Power Quality Analyzer , Power Analyzer, Measuring Instruments, Broadband Voltage, Harmonic Components, Digital Meter, Multi-Analyzer.

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This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model s.

The most comprehensive portable PQA on the market. Catch power quality problems on the fly, before they catch you! Inrush current, Voltage swell, Voltage dips, Transient over-voltage, Interruptions Measure and record: To ask our Hioki experts a question please include your contact details. Call us toll free 1.


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Transient overvoltage ImpulseRMS voltage quality: Voltage swell, Voltage dips, 317 interruption, Power quality: Voltage unbalance ratio, Current unbalance ratio, Harmonic quality Up to 50th order: Ask our experts To ask our Hioki experts a question please include your contact details.

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Hioki Power Quality Analyzer Kit – Amp – Mitchell Instrument Company

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