Hotel Palenque is a / artwork by U.S. artist Robert Smithson ( ). Initially existing as a series of 31 color transparency. Hotel Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson’s photographs, reveals an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, in Hotel Palenque: Robert Smithson: Books –

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Who had the idea for this floor painting? Hotel Palenque by Robert Smithson. Nature thinks in circles.

The surroundings here kept fascinating me more than the famous ancient temple ruins nearby. Robert Smithsons iconic slide-series dealt with the architectural curiosity of Hotel Palenque, that he described emithson a “never ending ruin”. The importance of Hotel Palenque is generally related to Smithson’s ongoing concern with processes of entropyand his overarching project to recontextualize cultural or man-made elements within expanded, sometimes geological, timescales.

Its rich variety of ancient cultures continues to roberh present in the thickest urban jungle like Mexico City, as well as in more or less remote places where nature has not yet lost its force, the one than seems brutal and obscene to us. Palenque is the site of one of the most famous maya temples, but I am not going to show you that archeologigal site.

As Neville Wakefield observes:. While in Mexico, the party stayed at the Hotel Palenque, a partially constructed cinder-block hotel building in the town of Palenque, aimed at travelers and tourists visiting the nearby Mayan ruins. I am going ot show you the place where I stayed. The colder the winter, the more you have to plan ahead in the summer. In this garden it is the jungle who is the gardener. Smithson’s interest in the semi-ruined state of the hotel has been related hotek his broader concern with entropic disintegration, and his focus on peripheral sites such as quarries and smighson infrastructure, evidenced in works such as the photo essay “A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, NJ” in which the artist first coined the term ‘ruins in reverse.

The lecture presentation has since been exhibited as an audio-visual art work in its own right, with the sequence of images synched to an audio recording of the artist’s smithsln. Eugenie Tsai with Cornelia Butler Berkeley: Once again I had found myself in hoteel footsteps of Smithson.


Smithson’s ‘Hotel Palenque’ “, greg.

I shot a little video of the guy who was just painting over jotel hotel sign in this very moment. Everything was bursting from vital energy: The simplicity and elegance of this structure with one roofed floor is striking. To me that means to cultivate a little surrogate for our lost paradise in the reality of civilisation. Palenque actually used to be called the city of the snake.

The term is being applied to all kind of things, product, organisms, ideas, whatsoever. For his piece Monument to Entropy Hotel Palenque [28]Jeremy Millar visited smithon hotel with his wife and made his own set of photographs.

Robert Smithson

The entropic forces acting on the Hotel spread to the artist’s language and deflect any sense of rational forward momentum to the lecture. Views Read Edit View history. Mexico proofed to be a great ground for those kinds of studies.

When you past the peak of a certain existence, sithson space for the new!

Robert Smithson’s Hotel Palenque

Evidently they wanted a swimming pool at one time and they built this swimming pool but actually, when you come to a place like this nobody wants to swim. Some are empty, some are being palenqe out to travellers.

Since the work began to be shown again as a tape-slide installation in the ‘s, Hotel Palenque has gained something of a cult status [27] among artists and curators, inspiring ‘pilgrimages’ to the site of the hotel and the production of new artworks.

The calender of the Mayas was round, and it made a revolution double meaning!

Hotel Palenque Again

The concept of work is simply less important here and the concept of economic growth continues to be rather a colonist one. I left the shabby internet cafe and walked 5 minutes towards the main plaza of Palenque, there it was: Italicized parts are quotes from Robert Smithsons original speech, everything else by Ulrike Buck. Before leaving, Millar deposited the roll hotell film in one of the hotel’s safety deposit boxes and later exhibited the key, alongside the receipt for the box, as part of the exhibition ‘Sleeper,’ in Edinburgh in His presentation at the architectural faculty of the University of Utah became iconic: That already had happened twice in my practice.


One might say a “de-architecturing” takes place Smithsons original presentation can be seen on ubuweb.

And this bridge between the second floors of two houses: What a brave and elegant construction although both its ends broke away, leaving it standing in the green, stripped bare of its function. In appropriating the Hotel as artwork, Smithson enacts a perceptual shift, somewhat similar to his elevation of the industrial fixtures of New Jersey to the status of ‘Monuments’. Today I want to show you a series of photos, that I made in the jungle of Palenque. After I resigned from the travel agency called Ganahl class, I went on a post graduate vagabonds programe to deepen my comparative studies of material and time.

And this is also what we are sort of doing here in this abandoned 19th century pre-GDR shopping center named HERO where Rainer Ganahl is the host of our convention of neo new age bandits.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. That was approximately a human lifetime. It just happens to be there, and its boringness gives it a certain ambience, a certain frisson, a kind of meaning that it might not otherwise palejque.

And on his blog Centre For The Aesthetic Revolution, curator Pablo Leon de la Barra writes of his own ten-year obsession with the work, visiting and documenting the hotel inand for many years trying to see the installation in its slide-tape form. This kind of de-architecturization pervades the entire structure. Privacy policy About Archiwik Disclaimers.

Instead we are led into back-waters and fringe areas; the emptied pool, evacuated dancehall and meaningless passage that together made up the Hotel Palenque”, as put by Neville Wakefield in Parkett