The MSA60 enclosure supports direct attach storage (DAS) to HP ProLiant Servers. The MSA60 supports the QuickSpecs. HP StorageWorks 60 Modular. Buy professionally refurbished custom built servers – Quick Specs for MSA HP StorageWorks MSA60 Options Proliant StorageWorks MSA60 Options – SAS ” (SFF) Enterprise (ENT) Hard Drives . HP SAS Hard Drive QuickSpecs.

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Gets pretty good speeds for what its used for backup repository. Looked at specs here: Hp storageworks eva m drive enclosure. Jul 8, Messages: Any info or pointers on where to start looking for details on this “flawed backplane” issue??? We have quicckspecs MSA50 at work we built from second hand parts. Same drive happened to drop out twice nothing wrong with the drive, no smart errors, just SATA.

StorageWorks MSA60 Options

Msa60 the hp quidkspecs msa60 enclosure hereafter referred to as msa60 is a disk drive storage. Sorry, I’m not a system administrator with experience.

Fzdog2May 21, Product bulletin, research hewlett packard enterprise servers, storage, networking, enterprise solutions and software. The firmware is pretty much the sas expander chips since that’s the only thing that box has going on inside of it!


Hp msa60 quickspecs pdf

StanzaJan 11, PigLover yp, Aug 9, Hp msa60 enclosure quick install download as pdf file. Your comment about cheap 2. What is the difference between an MSA70 and a p g2? Quickspecs hp storageworks modular smart array 20 software components da worldwide version 5 july 16, page6.

Msa60 quickspecs pdf product bulletin, research or buy hp printers, desktops, laptops, servers, storage, enterprise solutions and more at the official hewlettpackard website hp Hp msa p g3 modular smart array systems storage. However recently hp has added dual domain support for the p with the msa60 and msa Hp storageworks dd disk enclosure user guide.

Quickspecs hp 60 modular smart array overview the hp 60 modular smart array enclosure is a 2u serial attach scsi sas disk drive storage enclosure supporting 3. The msa60 also supports the hp smart array p and the hp smart array p controllers. Many thanks in advance. Mar 3, Messages: Quickspecs hpe msa storage overview page 1 hpe msa storage energy star certified hpe msa is a highperformance storage array designed for entry level hewlett packard enterprise.

OnCallAug 8, Pdf hp storageworks msa50 hewlettpackard storageworks. The hp storageworks modular smart array 50 enclosure msa50 is a 1u serial.

HP Storage Array MSA70 – Anyone Use?

We have 10 gb 10k sas drives in a raid 5 with 1 hotspare. Service and support threeyear limited warranty, including hardware diagnostic support, prefailure warranty coverage of hard drives. Are you suggesting that getting a DL G6 would be a better way to get a backplane that wasn’t flawed? Every time i reboot the server i get a message asking for a driver for a hp msa60 scsi storage enclosure device.


Yeah most of the resellers know they have the flawed backplane so they will not acknowledge if they can take the newest firmware or not.

It’s something they know, probably somehow they got the units in the first place “as defective”. Hp storageworks dd disk enclosure user guide smart array pp controller environments this guide describes the hhp 6gb sas disk enclosure.

Where can I find out more information about it hopefully before I buy something I’d regret? Quickspecs hp storageworks 60 modular smart array msa60 components da north america.

HP 60 Modular Smart Array (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

Click here to view the quickspecs homepage, which provides access to the quickspecs for other regionscountries. Honestly – I’ve come to hate sas-expanders. Jan 16, Messages: Hp storageworks 60 modular smart array enclosure user guide.