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Its coverage and capacity are expanded through 4T4R multi-antenna technologies, its maintainability and testability are improved, and thus it provides subscribers with huzwei wireless broadband access services of large capacity and high quality. It db3900 multi-antenna technologies, with which multiple types of gain such as power gain, space diversity gain, space multiplexing gain, array gain, and interference suppression gain can be obtained so that coverage is expanded and system capacity is improved.

The BF technology is a method of weighting target subscriber channels to form narrow beams directed to the subscribers.


DBS Distributed Base Stations — Huawei products

With this technology, array gain and diversity gain can be obtained to expand coverage. In addition, a narrow beam is formed for each subscriber so that the energy of each narrow beam is intensive. Nuawei, the interference on the subscribers in neighbor cells is reduced. The MIMO technology improves throughput and coverage on the uplink.

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station IEEE 802.16e CE

It supports open loop and closed loop power control to minimize fading dvs3900 and interference, thus improving transmission quality. It supports AMC, and thus the system specifies appropriate modulation and coding modes according to channel quality.

It supports the 64QAM technology. A high-order MCS is used on the uplink, and thus each subscriber occupies a relatively few time frequency resources.

In this way, the system can serve more subscribers, and throughput and capacity are improved on the uplink. Up to 24 carriers per cell; up to 36 carriers per site Maximum configuration: BBU in compliance with: Huawei communications products are widely covers the exchange, wireless, transmission, access, data communication, etc, provides a comprehensive network solutions.


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Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station Telecom Equipment IEEE 802.16e CE

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