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Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Standard conditions of the test site. Standard Atmospheric Conditions for Testing 1. This standard application range, the temperature of the . JIS Z Standard atmospheric conditions for testing (FOREIGN STANDARD). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese.

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The test results are proper jsi the set test conditions, and it is difficult to evaluate as normal characteristics of a specimen. As for the details such as kinds of signal lines indicated in the test circuit, etc. Subsequent operations shall be as follows: Number of impressions is specified as 3 times or more, but about 10 times are desirable.

Record the characteristics of the equipment accordingly.

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Further, should any discharge not be available in airthe discharging probe shall be contacted with the such designated portion. Test in type B and C, test arrangement shall be so that specimen is jsi to power supply device, input device and loading devices shown ad in Dig.

Upper portion of the instrument panel: General rules of environmental testing methods 87033 automotive electronic equipment 1. Further, as for the intensity of interference magnetic field for tests by means of magnetic uis, the test method alone is specified due to the lack of adequate date to establish a standard. However, since there was not any testing specified in this standard, the minor deviation of testing voltage at which is important, it was decided to provide a provision to specify that the testing voltage shall be applied, which shall be monitored so as to be correct by means with any voltmeter of accuracy in the class of 0.

JIS Z 8703:1983

Further, the car radio, audio players and TVs may be automotive electric equipments, but zz have few necessary to meet severe environmental immunity as in the case of control electronic equipments. Take the test specimen out of the chamber and keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. In respect of method of treatment for measurement of performance after the temperature and humidity cycle test, the jks conditions as listed hereunder were specified; 1 Water on surface to be dried, 2 Overall sections to be dried, and 3 Surface to be kept as it is, should water s drop be kept attached thereon.


Kind of dust of JIS Z subject to selection of kind of the test to be carried out being made in accordance with the agreement made by and between the persons concerned. Then make the temperature gradually approached to other temperature and record in likemanner. A power supply device, input device s and loading devices s.

B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when the ignition switch is opened in the 12V system. The test specimen shall be operated under the test voltage having been applied thereto, after the operation of test specimen is stabilized, output of power source micro interruption equipment shall be micro interrupted and whether any abnormity exist or not of specimen shall be confirmed and recorded.

Although these test apparatuses are desirable to be used in low temperature atmosphere, they may be used under room temperature if it is considered acceptable according to the agreement between the persons concerned. According to the previous provision, a resistance of 2 ohms or diode had been required to be inserted in the transient voltage generating circuit of the power supply system between the power source and the test specimen. However, though should it be exposed in the ambient conditions which is on lower side, dew would be created, depending on the heat mass of the equipment, a high fluctuations could be available in the periods of time required for a change from frost to dew.

The length of the grounding is desirable to keep constant within the range of 30—70cm. Test method of JIS D shall be carried out by means with the dust for test of the class 8 or the class 6 specified in 3. Results of the study on electrostatic charged voltages of passenger car drivers in winter Fig.

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Particularly, strong electromagnetic fields that occur near radio transmission facilities represented by broadcasting stations, those which generated around the vehicle body by the operation on board radio of transmitter represented by transceiver, and troubles caused by interferences resulted from high frequency voltages, etc.


The test apparatus shall consist of a capacitor C to store electrostatic energy and a discharging resistor Rd, that are integrated jiis a discharging probe, and shall keep the length of each grounding constants so that the reproducibility of the jiz may be easily carried out.

Results of the study on charged electrostatic voltages of line workers of the automobile manufacturer in winter Fig.

Since under such condition, the generation of transient voltage is limited to be kept so low that the test condition be made more relaxed, the resistance has been decided js be specified so to be directly connected with the power source and the test specimen.

Although every type of electromagnetic wave should be included in the applicable frequency range, the provision is established mainly for the frequency band from MF medium frequency band to UHF ultra high frequency band that have the great effect in daily operation. In addition, grounding of whole test devices is necessary in order to the stabilization of reference potential and the safety during tests. Type E 4 Transient voltages generated when various inductive loads relay, solenoid, etc.

Further, the constant temperature chamber shall be so constructed that the chamber does not receive the heat radiation directly from the heat source of the test specimen. jos

Regardless of this provision, this test may not be carried out subject to the test required under 5. Foregoing results are, however, obtained on bench assembled tests, and it was confirmed that only the lower transient voltage would occur on vehicle tests as compared with bench tests. Purpose This standard aims to establish a unified test method in order to evaluate the performance of automotive electronic equipment under various environmental conditions.