TP05GMP CLONEABLE GENERAL MOTORS JMA TRANSPONDER KEY BLANK (B97PT5 CLONEABLE). Our Price: $ BUY 5 AND SAVE 7%!. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders (Link to what a transponder is) into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. JMA has a. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Our authority in this.

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You can obtain more information about the cookies of this website by clicking here. In automotive applications, there are 2 types of Transponders. Programmable Transponders and Cloneable Transponders. Programmable Transpondershave a code or value previously configured at the factory. This code or value can be programmed into the car’s computer by an On Board Programming Transponnder or with the use of a diagnostic tool.

JMA Products

By using these methods, the car’s computer will recognize the value previously written on the transponder and start the car. Cloneable Transpondershave no code written on them.


These transponders are also know as Read-Write Transponders, and are designed to be used with a cloning tool like our TRS The TRS will read the information written on the original key and then write that information on the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key.

High end car manufacturers started using Trsnsponder Code Systems. In recent times, automobile manufacturers tranxponder more complicated Encrypted Transponder Systems.

Fixed code transponders always maintain the same code. They are the first generation of transponders used in automotive applications. Every time there is an attempt to start the vehicle, the Transponder embedded in the head of the key will reply with the same code.

If the code sent by the Transponder matches the code stored in the cars computer, the car will start. Rolling Code Transponders constantly change the code in their memory. Periodically, the computer in the car will write e new code on the Transponder embbeded in the key.

Every time there is an attempt to start the car, the computer will expect trajsponder new code.

JMA Transponder Cloning System

These Systems, use a Challenge and Response functionality to calculate the code sent to the vehicle computer. Instead of having a fixed code in their memory, these Transponders function based on a mathematical algorythm. Both the key and the computer, use this algorythm to calculate a correct response. If the response sent by the key matches the computers calculation the car will start.

  ISO IEC 10118 3 PDF

In these systems, the vehicle detects the presence of the Jmw within close range and automatically unlocks the vehicle and allows for push button entry without the use of a mechanical key.

Additionally, our keys look and feel exactly like the original. By using a Transponder instead of an electronic battery operated circuit board we are able to produce a key trabsponder maintains the dimensions and visual appearence of the original key.

Texas Fixed Code Systems, were primarily used in the U. These chips can be used to clone keys for the – model years.

Internationalization has been basic for JMA’s success. Chips General Transponder types Transponder equivalences. General Image zoom In automotive applications, there are 2 types of Transponders.