“Wieczna wojna” scenariusz Joe Haldeman, rysunki Marvano, kolory Bruno Marchand, tłumaczenie Krzysztof Uliszewski, Egmont, Warszawa. Wieczna wojna (franc. La guerre éternelle) – francuska seria komiksowa z gatunku science-fiction, której autorami są Joe Haldeman (scenariusz) i Marvano . Najbardziej znaną powieścią Haldemana jest Wieczna wojna, zainspirowana doświadczeniami z Wietnamu, za którą dostał nagrody Hugo oraz Nebula. Później.

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Plus the actual flow of the story was pretty bad, it bothered me quite a bit. Thanks for all the recommendations, but this is an idea, not a story.

Wieczna wojna

We follow William Mandella through his military career in a war that spans centuries of time and many light years of space. Hell, when it was published in it won the Hugo, the Locus an This book is a military style space opera with …. Assuming they return home at all I haldemaj see why this quote is one of the most underlined in the book.

I know it sounds like another version of Starship Troopers or countless other bad genre sci-fi tales that copied it, but this one is different. Like me, you might be getting tired of encountering this storyline. We learned some very basic information about the main character but no real backstory and I will start by saying that I wanted to like this book and really thought that I would with the glowing reviews it received.

War is pointless and never has good consequences. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The army continues to promote him, mainly because his seniority has reached ridiculous levels after centuries of service.

Wieczna wojna: Haldeman Joe: : Books

And yet they are ultimately novels of manners, pitting a protagonist’s aspirations against rigidly controlled hierarchies and webs of social practice and expectation. Ahoy there me mateys! Get to Know Us.

Both races like to build bases on nearby planets to establish control of the area around the collapsers. It became clear by the end that this is pretty much the only thing that the author wants us to take away from the idea that war can change the world you live in.


Taking only months of his subjective time, many years have passed for those back on Earth and William increasingly finds that he has become isolated from the rest of humanity, an anachronism from the past.

Joe Haldeman – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Think of “Battlefield Earth” – yes, it’s that bad. It is about the mad waste of lives and futility of war.

I walked to the edge and looked down the sheer rock face to the dim frozen rippling of dunes half a kilometer below. It really is a landmark classic of Science Fiction.

View all 33 comments. Despite the inaccuracies of his and projections, the book doesn’t feel dated. An insane arms race leading to unpredictable battles in which you have no idea whether you are going to face a foe more or less technologically advanced depending on who’s spent more subjective time travelling at close to light speeds.

He said that even so, he had to cut a novella portion from the middle because “it was too depressing,” according to his publisher. Blaine I think its more about colonizing. I landed on the pinnacle where we had starved together and, a few hours before dawn, watched a new star appear over the western horizon, flare to brilliance and fade as it moved away, becoming just another star, then a dim star, and then nothing.

Oh, and the main character’s pseudo-date rape of the impaired lesbian, just, beautiful. Basically we just watch people adapt to a shitty life in a futuristic war, and nothing happens and it’s super boring.

However, the book seems far more interested haldemwn the mathematical formulae that presumably support the logic of the plot than character development. Thanks for halseman us about the problem.

Wieczna wojna (komiks)

Not in terms of people. Tertulia de noviembre – La guerra interminable 1 1 Jul 01, This is something that will always be a factor in any military, even though you constantly hear, “think of the military objective”. The kink is that in order to explor I don’t really know what to say about this book. It is a Hugo and Nebula award winning book, regarded as a classic That’s not even believable.


An exceptionally well written and fascinating book. Military prot What is it about military science fiction novels? But they are ALSO expected to be camp followers. She was going to muster with a new company being formed right here on Heaven. Preview — Wieczna wojna by Joe Haldeman. Return to Book Page. It covers the injustice of the draft, the horror of killing, the impersonal compassionateless nature of the military, dehumanization, PTSD, loneliness and isolation, the terror of being caught up in an experience so much bigger and more terrible than you, the danger and invasiveness of war technology, survivor’s guilt, and alienation from the culture a soldier leaves behind.

Except for a single mention of microfiche remember that? Haldeman weaves the practical aspects of relativity into this book more than any other SF novel I’ve read. William Mandella has been drafted as one of the first troops that will be sent to fight the Taurans.

Haldeman wrote that he had difficulty getting the book published because no one wanted to read a war novel in the immediate wake of Vietnam; a non sci-fi publisher expanded into sci-fi and that’s how it got done.

It doesn’t feel like it was written over thirty years ago and it’s allegorical message is as relevent today as it was in the 70’s. Haldeman, you have my props. This is classic SF, and not just classic military SF.