Starting at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, in an unidentified country in an undetermined year, in José Saramago’s new novel, “Death. José Saramago prefaces his newly translated novella, Death with Interruptions, with two epigraphs: a prediction and a supposition. “We will know less and less. Ted Gioia reviews Death With Interruptions by Jose Saramago at Great Books Guide.

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As for themes, there is much said in Death with Interruptions about death as you might have saramqgobut also about love, as well as sharp insight into our natures as human beings. I had no inkling of where the story would go, but I greatly enjoyed finding out.

Comments on this entry are closed. I hope you love it! Latest Reviews Summer Summary: Everyone says his stuff is unique and different but so worthwhile. For instance, having related an anecdote concerning a family that seems rather irrelevant to the overall story, the narrator comments: The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their saramagl immortality.

Death with Interruptions by José Saramago | Quarterly Conversation

Dialogue, too, is conducted in this way, again separated only by commas, with no he-said she-said, the conversation flowing through long, rolling lines. Do you have a favorite author whose style is extremely unique?

However, in an effort to kill more kindly, death will now send a letter to those about to perish, giving them a week to prepare for their end. Death with Interruptions is shorter, though, so I started with that one. He will write Death, the name of the folkloric hooded skeleton carrying a scythe, in lower-case: I hope you enjoy whichever you start with! The first half of the book is focused on society at large in the nameless, death-free country.


I definitely think Saramago is destined to be a classic author. In the first half of his book, Saramago is less interested in how specific characters deal with the disappearance of death than, as noted above, with the group dynamics that ensue. Death discovers that, without reason, this man has mistakenly not been killed.

Death with Interruptions – Wikipedia

Saramago’s conceit here—which you have probably already foreseen—is that immortality proves to be far more troublesome than the previous state of affairs. Funeral workers, on the other hand, fear the opposite problem: What are the implications for the structure of society as we know it? This Nobel laureate writes books that read more like fables than novels.

This is a peculiar type of fiction, but no one does it better than Saramago, who is the supreme chronicler of organizational behavior in crisis situations. Views Read Edit View history.

The industry develops so quickly that the government itself becomes beholden to the maphioso, even bringing it to the brink of war with its neighbors. General joy at deafh dawning realisation soon gives way to trouble, as Saramago gleefully pursues the satirical implications.


Death with Interruptions by José Saramago

Then there is the writing. Portuguese fictionpost-apocalypsetranslation. Fredric March charmed audiences as Death personified in the film Death Takes a Holidayand accounts of mortals who elude the Grim Reaper are pervasive in traditional cultures—for example, some variant of the Orpheus myth has been identified in more than fifty different Native American tribes, and figures in cultures from every part of the globe.

Other Colorsp. At times, the book almost seems like a Harvard Business School case study penned by Michael Porteraddressing the competitive dynamics of a surprising development in the marketplace. August Summer Summary: Saramago avoids using onterruptions to signify speech, instead relying on inline text, and the usage of capitalization to signify the start of a new speaker’s words.

Saramago tackles these questions and more as this incredibly unique and creative tale unfolds. This web site and its sister sites may receive promotional copies of review items and other materials from publisher, publicists and other parties.