MAJJHIMA NIKĀYA III 2. 9. Kāyagatāsatisuttaṃ () Mindfulness established in the Body. I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in the monastery. A Study of the Kayagatasati Sutta and Related Texts Concerning Buddhist Meditation Practice By Meas Savoeun (Sumedho) A Thesis Submitted in Partial. A new series on Kayagatasati Sutta during One Day Retreats was started at Nissaranavanaya monastery by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana.

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On the other hand, the main purpose is to study the discourse of sytta to do further research to explore the outlines of Kdyagatdsati Sutta regarding the various aspects of meditation practices.

There are four following aspects of the satipatthdna, namely: He kayagatasatu mix it well, until the lather becomes a ball and nothing would trickle down from it. Recollection of the sahgha the Community In Theravada tradition, vipassand-bhavand insight meditation is the Buddhist technique popularly practiced by many Buddhist followers basically included in the Four Noble Truths as well as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as described in the Satipatthdna Sutta.

At this time, the five aggregates pancakkhandha are put into an account of my concerned work, which are going to discuss basically for analyzing and carrying out accordingly so that kayagatasatii may extend and refine what has been done for discovering the conceptual contexts as well as kayagatasafi way of practice how to realize the truths leading to the ultimate end of dukkhathe misery or suffering, in the round of rebirths and deaths, the samsara.

The acquired image is still unsteady and unclear; it arises when the mind has reached a weak degree of concentration. Suppose a person were to throw a light ball of sutra at a door-panel made entirely of hardwood.

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Like a man who would put a small ball of thread on a well formed cross bar. It is quite applicable to the real practice as well as through any kind of the Buddhist meditations, i.

In the same way, they drench, steep, fill, and spread their body with rapture and bliss born of seclusion. These realities of ndma and rupa will be explained better according to the five aggregates: As regards these four areas, the definition also mentions several mental qualities which form key aspects of kayagatasati contemplation.

Synovial fluid lasika Some of them sprout and grow in the water without rising above it, thriving underwater.

Moreover, by the way, I would also like to say very special thanks and to be deeply grateful to my beloved Mom in the Dhamma, Khunyom Wanida Sovannakam for her great support and priceless help to me for the years, passing by to encourage me always to complete this work.

By so doing, it can lead to mental recitation, and by supporting it one is able to penetrate vividly the characteristic of foulness. Whatever kind of form there is, whether past, future, or present The air inside the intestines kotthdsayd vdtd 5.

At the same time, when one sees the faults in nama-rupa and comes to understand kwyagatasati how unsatisfactory kayagatadati formations of nama- rupa are, he tries to reflect on these disgusting things as a result of contemplation. The element of heat -hotness tejo-dhdtu -coldness 4. As to shape, it is the shape of the body in brief. When this conversation was going on, the Blessed One arrived.


Then he considers, to this body too this same would happen, it has not gone beyond that.

Kayagatasati Sutta – English

This one kaaygatasatiO monks, if developed and cultivated, leads to great security from bondage. Again, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu reviews this same body up from the soles of the feet and down from the top of the hair, bounded by skin, as full of many kinds of impurity thus: Normally he gets sjtta and easily confused, and has a hart time differentiating what is right from wrong; bad from good in actions.

In the same way, when a mendicant has developed and cultivated mindfulness of the body, they become capable of realizing anything that can be realized by insight to which they extend the mind, in each and every case. On the other hand, there are kayagataswti technical tenns used basically in Buddhist meditation, i.

Kayagatasati Sutta

On the other hand, the essential elements of the five powers are the same as those of the five Faculties. Such as one birth, two births On the other hand, head-hairs are not body-hairs, and vice versa.

By drilling the stick against that dried up, withered log on dry land far from water, could they light a fire and produce heat? Ill and well undertaken, these ten benefits may be expected. Tf Only Samahha Lakkhanas are seen, Vipassana hbna kayagatasat. As it is said in the following points: Anuloma-nana The knowledge of adaptation to the path.