First Love – Kotaro Oshio – Starting Point Alternate Tuning – AEEF#BE BPM = 70 ^ E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E. Kotaro Oshio + First Love (ver 2) guitar pro | Guitar Tabs Archive. Kotaro Oshio-First Love Guitar Tab, guitar tabs, bass tabs, chords and guitar pro tabs. Tabs and sheet music search engine. Download sheet music and search.

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Kotaro Oshio – First Love.pdf

His music is full of emotions backed with state-of-the-art technique, often treated with percussive arrangement. Oshio also pove a stunning debut at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in July Kotaro Oshio was born in Osaka, Japan on February 1st, A two-hour special program on Oshio was also aired on nationwide cable radio networks around that time.

It was in December that Oshio recorded an album on his own as an indie effort. The album is again full of beautiful melodies and percussive rhythms, all generated on one guitar, and most of the tracks are familiar to people’s ears through TV commercials.



Twice at Montreux Jazz Festival was just not enough to satisfy Oshio’s desire as a live performer. Oshio also tsb the main stage on the last night for ZZ Top and one of the top Swiss rock bands Krokus. It was on one of the nights when Oshio was asked to perform a few songs each for Chrissie Hynde The Pretenders and Cassandra Wilson personally in the dressing room, receiving extremely high praise. Oshio returned to Montreux Jazz Festival in July to fascinate more crowds.

From the whimsical to the bittersweet, Oshio brings science and poetry into perfect harmony.

In love with the beautiful site and people, he’s returning to the festival once again in Julyfor three years in a row. Oshio not only performs self-penned original tunes, firdt he also covers great music of various fields, from movie themes to animation themes to nursery rhymes to school songs.

Living up to everyone’s expectation, “Dramatic” debuted live the national sales chart at 24, quite remarkable for an instrumental album. For a wider range dynamics, he adopted baritone guitar on “Fight!


While there are many solo guitar players who play nylon-string guitar, Oshio took the challenge of mastering a steel-string acoustic guitar in a highly unique style.

While constantly keeping himself busy with live dates all over Japan, the second album “Dramatic” was released in June TV program themes and movie. The talent of the guitarist was soon recognized by the national TV station NHK for whom Oshio wrote and recorded the original main theme “Kaze no Kanata” for the documentary series that NHK produced about the Antarctica in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the station’s founding. The Jazz Club located just outside the main Stravinski Hall was nearly ‘dominated’ by the solo guitarist who performed there for the last three nights of the festival.