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according to nuclear standard KTA VG8. On behalf of the German nuclear power plant operators RWE Power AG as a partner of the VGB PowerTech e.V. The regulation applies to quality assurance in planning, design, acquisition, production, start-up, operation, shut-down, and decommissioning with a view to. Nuclear standard KTA Certification in English and German.

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Georg Jester — Managing Director. The certificate is valid until August 2nd, Worm-gear screw jacks from this actuator specialist can now also be deployed in safety-relevant sections of reactors.

Demonstrating years of recurring instruction and holding a separate informational meeting on behavior in nuclear facilities cleared the way for the ktq confirmation of suitability. We wish you a good start into the New Year!

KTA-Certificate | INP International Projects

As an engineer, I know what counts: The end of the assessment presented the opportunity to explain the ktw of the levels of training our employees receive during their qualification to the auditors in the training center. We offer you the “all-inclusive package” of engineering services for global power plant and large-scale installation construction as well as the power industry. Now you can become part of our international team.

Within the scope of the assessment program, the implementation and effectiveness of the quality assurance elements were audited. The focus of the KTA assessment was on the actuator technology operational area, because the planned worm-gear screw jacks that are relevant for the safety of the nuclear power plant are manufactured by that part of the company.


Anmeldung Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website:. The focus of the assessment scrutinized MR’s expertise in terms of maintenance and repair for nuclear facilities. For this reason, during the offer stage for this order, a vendor audit was performed by the company Areva in accordance with this safety standard. Versatile We offer you the “all-inclusive package” of engineering services for global power plant and large-scale installation construction as well as the power industry.

You agree to the usage of cookies when you continue browsing this site. Knut Mertens — Managing Director.

Publication of the safety regulation KTA by KTA (Kerntec..|INIS

This website uses cookies. INP offers you an interesting professional future with bright prospects. In the implementation to be built, the screw-jack system will move a lta test load of t and an overall operational ota of t for a travel of 4, mm. Kat two auditors were impressed by the skill and expertise of interviewed employees and the service employees’ high level of training.

The internal organization PB01 01the procurement PB06 01 and PB06 06the fabrication, the marking until transportation PB08 01 and PB08 03the inspection, measuring and testing equipment PB11 01, 11 02, 11 03the nonconformance control, the corrective and preventative action, and the documentation also fulfilled all relevant requirements from KTA You can rely on ota expertise.

Beyond that, more than 40 affiliated representative offices are active for Pfaff-silberblau around the world. Pfaff-silberblau is an experienced partner for solving any problem related to moving turning, lifting, lowering, pushing, shunting loads of up to 1, tons in any direction. The corresponding required measures are defined by the responsible project manager and when applicable by the technical manager, in the project documents.


Nuclear power production management system

Putting personal expectations into practice As an engineer, I know what counts: We build on stable and long-term relations — with our customers and our employees. In addition to order taking and clarification in Sales, the technical and task-specific training of technical services in particular made a positive contribution during the audit.

Sitemap Contact Disclaimer Imprint. The evaluation results confirm qualification without restrictions of the Pfaff-silberblau company in accordance with the KTA standard. This keeps Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH on the list of contractors for German nuclear kat plant operators as a contractor with basic suitability for the scope lta delivery and services specified on the certificate for another 3 years.

Reliability is our yardstick We build on stable and long-term relations — with our kt and our employees. The company has factories in Friedberg and Heilbronn Germanyand is represented by subsidiaries in Switzerland as well as Austria, United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, Poland and Hungary. Please read our Privacy Policy. Confirmation on quality assurance according to nuclear standard KTA Imprint Privacy policy Contact Suppliers Newsroom.