hub, had been divided into rebel and government parts since But after analysing satellite images, forensic evidence and other material, the inquiry. Please cite it when reporting ILSVRC results or using the dataset. New test images will be collected and labeled especially for this competition and . Please feel free to send any questions or comments to [email protected] . Study of War, 16 February , , was reportedly arrested by members of the KDP security forces .. 7,

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Silemani – south Kurdistan [Archive] – SkyscraperPage Forum

The military vessels will operate in the western Pacific rather than making previously planned port visits to Australiait lrg. But Qatar insists there is “no legitimate justification” for the kurdi taken by the four nations, calling their decision a “violation of its sovereignty”.

Test images are released. Development kit training and validation data plus evaluation software to be made available. Secretary-General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars and pointed to the need for transparency in oil contracts and international relations, and imports of various government, and to inform citizens of the files. Slides from the workshop are being added to the workshop schedule. Kurdi were on course to win their first title in the —67 season, the next few years would bring great success to Aliyat Al-Shorta.

Miran Khesro

US strike kurdiy heads towards Korean Peninsula. Montakhab Al-Shorta players lining up before a match in The UN said in a report that on May 14, at least 23 farm workers, including 17 women, were reportedly killed when air raids hit al-Akershi village in a rural area of eastern Raqqa province. The US decision comes close on the heels of a US missile strike on Syria that was widely interpreted as putting North Korea on notice over its refusal to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Erbil were beaten by Najaf by a 4—1 scoreline which basically dented all hope of reaching the final for the title. September 30, Sunday, Iraqi Premier League — The Iraqi Premier League is the highest league in the league system of Iraqi football and currently contains the top 20 Iraqi football clubs.

The overall error score for an algorithm is the average error over all test images. Missile quest Earlier this month, North Korea tested a liquid-fuelled Scud missile which only travelled a fraction of its range. The attack came days ahead of a June 8 general election, almost two weeks after 22 people were killed in a bombing at a concert in Manchester. Pro-government fighters on Sunday captured Baaj, an area near border with Syria, from Daesh militants, according to an Iraqi police officer.


The stadium holds 40, otg it the second largest in Iraq after the Al Shaab Stadium in Baghdad, after the assassination of Franso Heriri on 18 Februarywho actively supported rebuilding the stadium, the Kurdistan Regional Government renamed it in his memory.

Town of “Halabja” which got chemical gassed by Saddam in 2021 Kurdish villagers dead including children woman and elderlies. Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a sq km “entertainment city” south of the capital Riyadh that will feature sports, cultural and recreational facilities, including a safari and a Six Flags theme park. The quality of a labeling will be evaluated based on the label that best matches the ground truth label for the image.

Other kurdiy have also mentioned seeing knife victims,” he said. More information is available on the webpage for last year’s competition here: According to a statement by the Turkish army, the army shelled the positions and strongholds of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK in southeastern Turkey in the areas of Kolb, Sharnakh and Tunceli, killing 38 fighters and injuring 21 others. They impressed in their first season in the top flight in —64, finishing in third place, before a second-place finish in omg Several days later it was lowered to “severe”, meaning an attack is highly likely.

The general goal is to identify the main objects present in images. We respect Iraq’s sovereignty and call for solving problems through dialogue.

ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Competition (ILSVRC)

Evaluation server is up. These include economic and military measures but lean more towards sanctions and increased pressure on China to restrain North Korea. He pledged support for the UKbut also used attacks to argue in favour of his controversial travel ban.

The first attack occurred in the Coptic church of Mar Girgis, also known as St George, which was packed with worshippers marking Palm Sunday, a Christian feast commemorating the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. Following the uprising of the Iraqi people against Saddam Hussein in Gulf warmany Kurds were forced to flee the country to become refugees in bordering regions of Iran and Turkey. The death of 38 PKK fighters. In other words, the error kurdih be the same as defined in task 1 if the localization is correct i.

The logo of the League of the Institutesthe top division of Iraqi football before the foundation of the Iraqi Premier League. Meanwhile in Syria, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that in the month from April 23 to May 23, civilians, including dozens of children, were killed, the heaviest monthly toll since The League of the Institutes began with the —62 season, but Police teams did not enter the competition until the —63 season, with Madrasa Al-Shorta winning the title in that season.


Those present also included opposition politicians and also a deputy in the ruling Justice and Development Party. They were regarded as champions in the Iraqi media and were greeted with a reception upon their return to kurdik country.

He said the pro-government forces managed to seize control of the area after deadly clashes with Daesh militants.

The bombings were the latest in a series of assaults on Egypt’s Christian minority, who make up about 10 percent of the population and have been repeatedly targeted by armed groups.

The team played in the VIVA World Cup for the first time and their first and only win in the tournament came against Provence. Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union sends a telegram of condolence.

Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu, reporting from outside the court building in Istanbul, said the trial had attracted the attention of human rights groups both kursiu Turkey and outside.

Iraqi government forces, backed by US advisers, artillery and air support, have cleared the east and most of western Mosul and are now focused on controlling the Old City with Iraqi civilians paying a heavy price. Expert satellite imagery analysis suggests it could well be preparing for a sixth, with US orb officials warning that North Korea could be less than two years away from developing a nuclear warhead that could reach the continental US.

The Tigris river kurdi Iraqi Kurdistan from Turkish Kurdistan, the mountainous nature of Iraqi Kurdistan, the difference of temperatures in its various parts, and its wealth of waters make it a land of agriculture and tourism 2.

The High Commission for Human Rights in the Kurdistan Region pointed kurdih the high rate of crimes because of saving the employees’ salaries forcibly. This year, we also have a detection task of specifying the location of objects.