With the passing of the years, the figure of Juan Carlos Onetti is becoming more important and central. He is now considered to have been a fiction writer of f. Cinco novelas cortas: El pozo; Los adioses; La cara de la desgracia; Tan triste Para una tumba sin nombre (Spanish Edition) by Juan Carlos Onetti and a. Four of Onetti’s short stories – “Bienvenido, Bob”, “Esbjerg en la Costa”, “El Infierno tan Temido” and “La Cara de la Desgracia” – are brought together in this .

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With the passing of the years, the figure of Juan Carlos Onetti is becoming more important and central. He is now considered to have been a fiction writer of fundamental importance for contemporary Hispanic literature, and one of the precursors of the great flowering of Latin-American novel writing during the second half of the last century.

He started work very young, without completing his studies, taking all sorts of jobs. Starting inhe worked as a journalist in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. He was editorial secretary for Marcha magazine untilwhen he joined the Reuters Agency in Argentina. On his return to Montevideo he was appointed Director of Municipal Libraries, a post he held untilwhen he fled the dictatorship of Bordaberry and settled in Spain.

He was awarded the Cervantes Prize inand once democracy returned to his own country, it recognised his importance with the Gran Premio Nacional de Literatura.

On his deathbed, the protagonist reviews the diary annotations of his life from the day his wife left him and the country. The hero abandons the city life to befriend the local players in the racket behind a dam-construction project. He is drawn into the lives of Dr.

Juan Carlos Onetti – Wikipedia

Hardly havens of political correctness, the spare vision of these lives is suffused with warmth and irony. There is lla sense that Past Caring?

The archetypal Onetti hero, Medina is at different time of his life a phony doctor, a painter, a police chief. The first novel written in exile in Spain, Let the Wind Speak is Onetti coming to terms with his exclusion form the Santa Marias of his childhood, his first sexual conquests, his first cigarettes, his first double whiskys. A lover’s bitter lament —it ends in the destruction of the object of adoration. Es el recuerdo de un recuerdo: Larsen, a boldly original pimp of wary whores, tries to establish the perfect brothel; passionate Julita, a mad widow, refuses to accept the death of her husband by taking his younger brother as her lover.

In their sordid, self-righteous society, which pits stupidity and lust against honor and love, both characters are doomed to failure.

Juan Carlos Onetti. La cara de la desgracia. Montevideo Primera edición. | eBay

With all the enthusiasm of a man condemned to be hanged, Larsen takes up his new post. Ed the other workers at the shipyard, he routinely goes through the motions. Every so often, his sense of reality is shaken by a tremor of self-deception and then it is possible to believe that the yard’s glory is not just a thing of the past. In spite of its melancholy and sense of alienation, Onetti’s novel conveys, through its unique poetic language, a real sense of transcendence and hope.


Allegorical, reflecting the decay and breakdown of Uruguayan society deagracia modern urban life, The Shipyard is a landmark of Latin American literature. A doctor watches dde bizarre funeral procession straggling through the poor farmsteads with a goat bringing up the rear —’lame, slavering down its beard, one leg in a splint I wrote it very quickly, with lots of love, even for the words.

Some of my other works may be more literary.

But I have a special feeling for it, I like it more. In Farewellsa young international basketball player is dying of tuberculosis. His arrival at a sanatorium in a mountain cafa resort prompts speculative and, at times, vicious gossip among the guests. Two women visit —his wife and his mistress?

Novelas breves

He moves into a chalet Making love in his condition? Is this a scandalous threesome? Or ‘that oddity, the well-knit family’? To compensate for the physical void which temporarily stalls their caresses, Brausen eavesdrops on his neighbors, a husband and wife, imagining their gestures and their expressions. He also imagines stories: But he not only wishes to imagine himself as someone else, he also seeks release from the world he knows. He leads many lives, some real and some fantastic, in order to experience a moment of psychic weightlessness—a ‘brief life’.

Tonight is set in a port which has surrendered to the forces of an anonymous general. It could be Valencia inBuenos Aires or any city after a dictator has come to power. Inspired by conversations with anarchists exiled in Buenos Aires after their defeat in the Spanish Civil War, Onetti structures his novel as a thriller to map out the despair of the men trying to avoid capture and the sadism of those in pursuit.

Morasan’s secret police patrol the seedy quayside bars, hunting down Barcala and Ossorio. In an atmosphere of suspicion, fear and betrayal, these erstwhile revolutionary leaders question their political inspiration, cling to memoires of moments of warmth and passion as the net draws ever tighter around them: Onetti’s stark and ironic prose brilliantly conveys the pointlessness of war, the terror of betrayal and the futility of death in the name of lost heroic causes.

Their parents came from Europe to find a ls of plenty in Argentina and now they are caught in a void: Theirs are spiked conversations in shadowy bars and brothels, ringing with disillusion. Political idealism has been shattered by the signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact. Men and women find no solace in flesh or in feeling as they pursue ghosts form their amorous pasts. Abortion, suicide and failure weigh heavier than fantasies of tropical islands or the dream of a new world.


The chaos of lives on the edge of the abyss is caught in a jagged, cinematic narrative, swiftly moving through sequences of abrupt scenes.

Larsen the corpse-gathered and the vividly realized imaginary town of Santa Maria. He is laconic, elegant, literary. The form is subtle and delicate, the message sordid an bleak, the flavour inimitable. Eladio Linacero, ‘a lonely man having a smoke in some old corner car the city’, dwells upon fragments from his past on his fortieth birthday.

His relationships with women —dominated by memories of his rape of a girl in his youth— are a futile degsracia for lost innocence. Married love perished when an interest in crockery and refrigetors took over. I understand, despite the inexpressible and innumerable ties that binds us deesgracia, that the moment has come for us to thank one another for the intimacy of the last few months and say goodbye.

You have all the advantages; I accept my guilt, responsibility, and failure. I try to excuse myself —only for the benefit of the two of us, of course— by invoking the difficulties involved in vacillating for so many pages. I also accept the happy moments as well deserved.

In any case, forgive me. I never saw your face directly, never showed you mine. Imprescindible por lo sustancioso. Jacob y el otro, Para esta noche, Skip to main content.

Juan Carlos Onetti

All his literary children learned from him the lessons of narrative intelligence, desgracix expert construction, and of an immense love of literary imagination. Cuando ya no importe, Dejemos hablar al viento, La novia robada, Para una tumba sin nombre, La vida breve, Tierra de nadie, Short stories and novellas Novelas breves, Tan triste como ella y otros cuentos, Presencia y otros cuentos, Los rostros del amor Los rostros xara amor, La cara de la desgracia, Tiempo de abrazar y otros cuentos, Letters Cartas de un joven escritor.

Correspondencia con Julio E. Other genres Confesiones de un lector, Cuando ya no importe Cuando entonces Dejemos hablar al viento La novia robada El astillero Para una tumba sin nombre Los pa La vida breve Para esta noche Tierra de nadie El pozo Short stories and novellas Novelas breves Tan triste como ella y otros cuentos Presencia y otros cuentos Cuentos Secretos Los rostros desgravia amor Cuentos completos ,