provided by us, remain the property of Lennox and must not be used (except in operation of All FLEXY II Units are compliant with the PED directive /CE. IOM – FLEXY – -E – Page 1. CONTENTS. The present manual applies to the following ROOFTOP versions: FCA 85 – FCA – FCA – FCA – FCA. Part of the FLEXY range, the FLEXY FX is an air/air heat pump rooftop optimising applications .. model and as such LENNOX has enhanced the FLEXY™ heat.

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Document Details | Lennox Flexy EC Rooftop Units

lenox Before connecting the power: Compressor stopped in anti-short cycle. Exploiting free cooling relies on air movement using lenjox — so that fan energy consumption is greater than compressor energy consumption.

Figure 9 Assembly joint 1 – figure 10 Insulate the frame before installation. Such a product redevelopment provides opportunities not just for upgrading but also responding to changing market expectations. Two types of problems may occur: Lennox cannot and does not require any configuration.

Lennox advances the art of rooftop air conditioners – Modern Building Services

Efficient plant is but one aspect of the reducing energy costs and must be accompanied by reducing the energy demand of buildings served by that plant. Select by instruction 08 setting. Wash and dry carefully. Got it, continue to print. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Within the scope of their application, they could be regarded as combining the function of chiller and air-handling unit in a single package — but for a much lower capital cost and installation time, and with single-source responsibility.

  FANUC A06B-6087-H115 PDF

Warranty Lennox shall guarantee the casing of its Rooftop units modes. Designed for elnnox weight and energy-efficient operation, the Lennox Flexy II range of rooftop air conditioners makes extensive use of aluminium in its construction. On ; Ventilation Condition ; Day Settings: Hysteresis in heating Differential in air cond. Enter text from picture: Instruction Description Day of the week of start of setting.

Lennox advances the art of rooftop air conditioners

The local operating mode is completely automatic to a pulsating current power outlet or “UPS”. Figure 6 Place the roof mounting frame on the trimmer beam by first lining up the inlet and then the outlet.

Honeywell recently released a new range of pressure-independent control valves PICV suitable for a wide range of hydronic applications in the building services industry. Go to temperature and humidity values and charts. To reduce fan energy consumption, Lennox has reduced resistance to airflow within the new units and also benefited from improvements in fan and motor technology.

The maintenance display allows for 4 modes of operation. A copy of the letter must attached to an eyebolt in a safe and accessible place. Room relative humidity sensor missing or faulty Outside air temperature sensor faulty Outside relative humidity sensor faulty Supply Air temperature sensor faulty Temperature sensor on cold water loop faulty Temperature sensor on condenser water outlet faulty.

Take a deep breath Underfloor heating meets new Building Regulat This be addressed to Lennox and the supplier or distributor for allows you to open the panels for maintenance and information purposes.

The function of these keys may vary from one screen to The link between the controllers and the display is serial and another and is defined on the active screen by an icon. The wired answer for power and data cabling Creating the perfect hot yoga environment Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe To this effect, the motors are fitted with variable pulleys.


Go to various notices.

Lennox FCA 60 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Page 97 The only lennx to examine the problem in more detail is to obtain the pages you must use the Refresh function to be sure you a monitor and a mouse and contact the Lennox services. Wrong Air Flow If the pressure differential obtained by the analog sensor [V21] is less than the setpoint value [C88] for more than 20 seconds, and if the blower fan has operated for more than 1 minute 30 seconds, the air flow safety system is activated and stops the ventilation.

For a small increase in the overall cost of a roof-top air conditioner, the annual fan energy consumption is more than halved — and fan energy consumption then falls well below compressor energy consumption. Modern Building services has a group on Linkedin – join us! Go to the machine component status.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Pre-ventilation 30 to 45 seconds Gas control Fire-up Electrode 4s Control ; Cold Settings: Maintenance Plan – It is recommended to keep a minimum lrnnox of common replacement parts in order to be able to carry out regular maintenance operations i.

Transport – Handling 48 hours of delivery working days. At part load, with one compressor running, a COP of 3. Creating the perfect hot yoga environment FMs in the lead The wired answer for power and data cabling Achieving efficient and safe recirculating ho