EKOS SE. Ekos SE Tonearm Product Information Pro-ject 9cc Tonearm Product Information Manuals – Phono stage for MM / MC cartridges. Find great deals on eBay for Linn Tonearm in Record Players and Home Turntables. LINN AXIS Turntable With Basik Plus Tonearm Goldring Cartridge. The Linn Sondek LP12 is a transcription turntable produced Like most turntable units, many options to partner the LP12 are available (including Linn’s own) for tonearms, cartridges.

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When depressed, the switch on the turntable supplies the start-up torque with which the deck’s desired rotation speed is achieved.

Andrew’s EsCo’d Troika sounded really good to me and I’ve a sneaky suspicion that on an Ittok, today and on a TT2, this one may well beat the lot The LP12 has evolved since its introduction, but its basic suspended sub-chassis design has remained. The suspension mechanism supports hand-wound coils secured in a high-precision rigid assembly, terminated with gold contacts on flying leads for superb signal transmission.

Extra chassis ground wire. Better than 30 dB.

Channel Balance at 1 kHz. However, as I implied before, the cartridge is very much secondary to the arm and deck combination.

Retrieved from ” https: It also uses the triple-point mounting system for a solid connection to the tonearm headshell, while the aircraft grade aluminium chassis provides a lightweight, stiff and stable platform for the generator.

The thinking at the time was that the most important component of a high-end audio system is the loudspeakers. Channel Separation at 1 kHz.


Manuals – Turntable

Ivor Tiefenbrun, [10]. Ivor Tiefenbrun has talked about how Sondek derives from the word Soundex as each hi-fi design always ends up having its own unique identifiable and recognisable sound. Hamish Robertson had a company called Thermac inwhich became Ariston inand Ariston Audio in Like most turntable units, many options to partner the LP12 are available including Linn’s own for tonearms, cartridges and, to a much lesser extent, power supplies. As well as allowing the counterweight to be moved closer to the bearing point which gives a quicker reaction to changes in the vinyl, using a plastic screw eliminates any magnetic interference to the delicate coils in the cartridge.

Designed to retrieve an incredible level of musical detail from the groove of a record, Adikt uses an efficient and affordable moving magnet MM configuration.

Linn Tonearm: TV, Video & Home Audio | eBay

This is achieved by using on-board speed management system with automatic calibration, and use of a new motor with low magnetic field and electrical noise, located within a machined housing.

Once caetridges arm board and s In Jack’s son Ivor formed a friendship with Hamish. The Trampolin II is made from aluminium. As some may know – I also use an Cartricges Troika have done for many years but in a very lightly modified Aro and not on a commercially available turntable. Flying wire with termination clips. Prior to the Lingo, speed accuracy for 33 rpm and 45 rpm rotation was determined by the Valhalla power supply board.

The Lingo generates two 50 Hz sinusoidal waveforms which it amplifies and sends to the turntable motor — the Valhalla generates a single sine wave.

This allegedly led to a threat to Robertson that a copyright action would be brought against him if he had the RD11 turntable made elsewhere than at Castle Precision Engineering.


A 3-point-mounted arm with a large-bore arm tube designed and manufactured in Japan. I used to have a Linn but I’m better now. Changes thereto are elaborated below.

Linn Tonearm

Working fine, scratch on dust cover, rest clean. To be cartrudges, I’m a firm believer in the ‘source first’ principle at least with regard to turntables – which is all that interests me and would place the deck well ahead of the arm and both significantly ahead of the cartridge. A strong die-cast headshell is bonded to cartrodges main arm tube using advanced adhesives and together they provide a stable platform for supporting a wide range of cartridges.

The OC9 may work ok, but I can say with some certainty that it may not be a balanced sound. Again, set up right it can sound fantastic, but the fine-line tip needs great skill in setting up. Remember to fit and finally tighten the cartridge with the arm OFF the deck, as failing to do this flexes the arm-tube and can loosen the fixings Inand now operating as Ariston, Hamish showed the turntable under the model name RD11 at the Harrogate show, and set up a distribution network with C.

The BPS in all its forms has been a favourite of mine, just take care of it