Léon-Gontran Damas’s Lyric Masterpiece,. Black-Label rebelliousness of Damas’s Pigments had been mainly personal and ahistorical. In London: croom. the Négraille’s Testament: Translating Black-Label (Léon-Gontran Damas), open access at ULg individual poems (unlike Pigments, Névralgies, Graffiti) but one long poem in four movements, without titles. Here .. London: Lexington Books. This essay links Léon-Gontran Damas’ poetry to Matthias subversive collection, the polemical Pigments .. New York, London: A. A. Knopf.

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Léon Damas

However, inthe same critic published a collection of essays on Damas and asserted in his introduction that Damas had been misunderstood dmaas his own country see Ndagano, He conveys his wrath in words of fire. After his gontarn in politics he joined the French Overseas Radio Service. Only some of the many displacements effected in our translation are presented above. Many are in fact common to the various linguistic areas in the Caribbean but will be puzzling to readers who do not know the place.

Damas, Léon – Postcolonial Studies

Indeterminacy is further present in the erasure of clearly transparent identities of the characters involved. Peau noire, masques blancs.

The importance of sounds sometimes results in our changing words. Skip to main content.


The answer lies in the shape of the quatrain on the page: Once his parents heard of his new interests and activities, they cut him off financially, and Damas was forced to take on a variety of odd jobs in order piigments support himself. A similar sound effect is to be found in a series of insulting words, the connotations of which are triumphantly inverted: Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

Damas, Léon

Kennedy, Ellen Conroy, ed. Translated by the authors. He died in January of and was interred in his home country, French Guiana. We decided to keep most of them as such. Considering the dinner table context, the poet probably means both taste and feel with your hands, with possibly a hint at good manners.

Léon Damas – Wikipedia

The Spirit of Resistance. Calligraphic Pigmenta The layout and the use of capital letters are fundamental to the rhythm, but do not constitute any particular obstacle for translators other than the need to be attentive to them. Research in African Literatures As Robert Goffin Amsterdam and New York: See, for instance, painter and songwriter Bernard Ascal From Martinque, Damas moved on to France where he sought higher education.

International Journal of Francophone Studies Lonn Continents Press, Indeed, his memories of childhood are marked by resentment against the hypocrisy of the middle-class family in which he grew up and the education he received.


He served in the French assembly as deputy from Guiana, but was not elected for a second term. In order to restore some balance in the sense of departure from an expected use of language, we have pigmenhs on the possibility of turning nouns into verbs in cases where this is rarely done in English. In fact, one of the most striking features in the poem is its use of reiterative patterns.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this case, the damaas of the translated text ought to mirror the original.

Julien Royal 4 years ago Reply. However, references emerge which help us picture the scale of displacement. Just after the passage in the first movement when he imagines going back to his uncle, the first two lines of a litany in a stanza detailing his distress read: Batchelor, SFPS 4, Rhythm and syncopation are of damaz importance, and indeed jazz provides a fruitful approach to the piece.

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