Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After a heroic attempt to be an English major forever, Captives of the Night (Scoundrels Book 2) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Captives of the Night, le livre audio de Loretta Chase à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. Such is Loretta Chase’s Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and.

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Gratuit pendant 30 jours, avec un titre au choix offert. Here are the titles of other parts: Francis bukan hanya seorang pemadat dan doyan main cewek, ternyata juga seorang manipulator ulung yg keji dan pemeras kelas kakap.

This would have made sense if she was very religious or sheltered but she’s an artist living in Paris with access to all sorts of people and living with a very licentious husband.

This is romance and mystery in equal parts and I absolutely loved it. I liked the heroine very much. Admittedly, Esmond had the advantage of his gender and the laws of the era to help him, but I also felt he was cunning enough to handle Leila when needed to, just as she was stubborn enough to demand the truth and trust he so reluctantly bestowed to anyone. I liked the window of time that had passed allowing him to evolve.

After Beaumont loses his blackmail ring, he and Leila flee to England, but his situation only worsens until the day he’s found murdered, a poison-laced bottle of laudanum at his side. Tetapi Esmond yg super tampan ini juga menyembunyikan rahasia terbesarnya, yg membuat Leila takut sekaligus penasaran dgn count tampan ini.

The book wasn’t what I had come to enjoy so much What an amazing book!

Captives of the Night

The Comte d’Esmond may claim a title, but with non-English background and shadowy past, he’s not much like the usual dukes frequenting modern European historicals either.

I did have a little sympathy for her over her first husband’s horrendous behavior, as well as his making fun of her passionate nature. While Francis later seduced her, he also married her and made sure she got training with the best artists, allowing her to have the career she now thrives in.


I recall him as being pretty awful in TLD. All immoral behavior nivht brushed off in a far too casual and accepting way, with nearly everyone making excuses for everyone else. After the death of her husband under suspicious circumstances, Leila becomes an amateur sleuth with Esmond as her partner. We also got a couple of early Christmas presents in captjves form of The Lion’s Daughter and Captives of the Nightboth of those narrated by the always excellent Kate Reading, whose wonderful recording of Lord of Scoundrel s has quickly become one of my all-time favourite audiobooks.

It’s a historical and it features a so called bad boy with a heart of gold, and those are things I love, but for a good part of the story the heroine spends married to someone other than the apparent love of her live. But she was and I capgives. Walaupun terjemahannya lebih baik dari sebelumnya, cuma membantu sedikit dari pusing karena kebanyakan tokoh-tokoh yg muncul di novel ini dan beberapa muncul lagi dari novel The Lion’s Daughter.

Captives of the Night — Loretta Chase

I found it rather unjust. Her friend Fiona tries to goad her into an affair Fi hates Francis—with good reason, it turns out. I decided to get another one of Loretta Chase’s books once I was finished with Lord of scoundrels.

This one is another good one! After graduation, she worked chsse variety of jobs at Clark including a part-time teaching post.

While she’s long since dissuaded him with violence from her bed, she knows he won’t hesitate to reveal her secret and ruin her if she embarks upon an affair of her own.

While she hasn’t allowed him in her bed for years, Leila is nonetheless grateful to Francis for rescuing her when she was orphaned in Venice ten years ago, after her traitor father ran afoul of some people he betrayed.

This is fluff, but it is exceptional fluff. Trivia About Captives of the N There is too much of a mystery tje to the story and the romance is probably the most angst-filled of all of Loretta Chase ‘s books.

cchase Leila is at a house party, and the Captices appears. They ended up arguing and vying for superiority almost constantly, which made their supposedly loving relationship very unbelievable to me. The investigation is led by Comte d’Esmond, a man of many talents who not only moves easily within the highest levels of society but has also spent the past ten years as one of the government’s most trusted and discreet covert operatives.


Leila Beaumont, nee Bridgeburton. This means he and Captivrs have to spend a lot of time together, reluctantly fighting their growing attraction towards one another. Quindi sarebbe stato preferibile leggere questo volume dopo il terzo, visto che qui le vicende dei tre trovano il loro compimento. Instead, Leila makes her excuses and rushes home. He’s honorable, but also just dangerous enough that I could believe in a villainous chhase or at least one full of seriously bad judgment.

At the beginning, she’s suspected of the crime, given that her and her husband haven’t gotten along in years and in fact, everybody knows they don Captives of the Night had one of the most disagreeable heroines I’ve had the misfortune to find czptives romance. She’s all surly, aloof resistance and he’s all courtly, guilty devotion.

As it was written, it seemed like all the characters from The Lion’s Daughter who appeared in Captives of the Nighthad casually forgiven him and gone their merry way almost as though nothing had ever happened. Chase’s creative skills are top notch here and when they these two characters finally come together to show their love for each other, well it is everything any xaptives fan would want between their hero and heroine.

Complex, difficult, flawed, manipulative and desperately lonely.

It takes her a long time to realise just how insidious and toxic his influence over her has been, and how chaase insecurities and chaxe she harbours, all placed there carefully by her husband, to ensure that while she may not be allowing him into her bed, she certainly wasn’t going to sleep with and experience pleasure with anyone else either.

I call it a true romance because it isn’t magically easy. It made for an interesting read.