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State Department in vasapolko every Latin American country are affecting the political situation and stability in those countries. As a result, the intertwined political and economic situations on the continent are becoming increasingly complex.

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The Seventh Summit of the Americas has shown clearly that the United States is trying to tear apart everything that progressive governments in the region have created over the past few years.

In this context, for historical reasons, the presence and political role of Cuba as an unwavering defender of the sovereignty and independence of all Latin American countries is indispensable.

The real, lived experience of historic revolution has fostered continual research into how to better ensure the planning and programming that support public welfare. Secondly, now that the State and Cuban people have begun the third stage of their Revolution luciqno unique in time, and increasingly modern.

For this reason, we spoke with Professor Luciano Vasapollo, seeking an analysis of the ideological strength of this revolution and thereby comprehension of the importance and geographical role of the revolutionary State at this particular time, not only for Cuba but the Latin American continent as well.

He is also a member of the editorial board of Laberinto. He is part of the national coordination of the Rete dei Comunisti Network of Communists and is one of the coordinators of the Italian chapter of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity. Now, the objective is to re-establish imperialist domination, destroy national sovereignty through unconventional interventions, topple popular governments, reverse social conquests and reinstall savage neoliberalism throughout the continent.

These words from the Minister have become a political touchstone for progressive governments in Latin America and for leftist parties throughout the world, especially the following: It does not desire confrontation, but lucian will never negotiate its internal affairs nor will it cede so much as a millimeter of its principles.

We will never give way to pressure or threat; whatever changes are necessary will continue to be decided by the Cuban people. Especially when a group of countries proposed excluding President Maduro in order to provide a platform for the Venezuelan opposition.

It was a truly provocative electoral propaganda operation considering that on May 20, three elections will be held in Venezuela: What does this election mean in the current political context in Cuba? Professionally, he is an electronics engineer, and held a teaching post within the engineering faculty at the Central University in Las Villas, where he also served as dean. In he was called to lead the Ministry luciwno Higher Education as its minister. Initially, western mainstream media vasspollo on his election with horror.

Books by Luciano Vasapollo (Author of O mundo do traballo fronte a globalización capitalista)

Unfortunately, when talking about Cuba, the First World media resort to simple adjectives rather than analysis. They lie in order to conceal the dignity of a people. They continually engage in semantic tricks in order to tear down the winning reality of a popular, socialist democracy, precisely because that reality remains alive in spite of every attack against it.

In reality, the objective of these kinds of expression is to deny in every possible sense that in Cuba there is a popular revolutionary process, which implies the exercise of direct and participative democracy and an affirmation of equality. That is, they want to deny the basis of socialist democracy. The truth is that the Cuban people have found their own leaders in the best architects of the triumphant Revolution in and later in the Cuban Communist Party, in whom they have complete confidence.


Without the political and moral support of the Cuban people, this revolution could never have lasted so long, or repelled all the attacks suffered since and up to the present day! Therefore, those who fall back on Cold War phrases are engaged in nothing more than media terrorism.

: Luciano Vasapollo: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

And this is as true for the prestigious editor of The New York Timesas it is for the obviously less prestigious Libero or La Repubblica. They keep on saying that Cuban elections are not democratic because they are limited solely to members of the Cuban Communist Party! Unfortunately, whether through ignorance or ill-intention, they ignore the fact that out of the eight million who voted, onlyare party members and onlyare members of the Communist Youth.

There are only 60 members who fought in the Sierra Maestra, that is, just 9. Those are selected and elected by the people in municipal elections, later in provincial ones and finally at the legislative leve.

Afterwards, when Mujica became president, Almagro was named Minister of Foreign Relations, since within the Frente Amplio he was the only one with any experience in foreign diplomacy. The Uruguayan newspaper El Observador even published a letter vasapoloo which the former president Mujica called him a traitor. Thanks to the excellencies in the White House, is vasapollp that falls outside bourgeois democracy, that questions imperialist logic, and denounces the effects of geo-strategic and economic dependency, to be considered an enemy, ludiano in the era of the Doctrine of National Security?

For the White House, Cuba continues to be a filthy state, like Syria, Iran, just like once upon a time, Angola, Nicaragua, Libya and plenty of other countries with revolutionary governments. For example, if we were to vasapolo the pages of U.

We would also find the twisted editorials in the leading Vasaplllo papers when the South African invaders luciani finally defeated in May,at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, thanks to the courageous participation of the international Cuban troops fighting alongside the Angolan army FAPLA.

lucianno The demands made by the U. Unfortunately, in the United States, important geo-strategic questions are used to push electoral campaigns or strengthen intra-party leadership. Rubio defends a harsher economic blockade and the breaking of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

This is why we will continue lucianp confront the threats from our powerful imperialist neighbor. We will always be inclined to dialogue or cooperate with anyone who approaches us on the basis of equality and respect.

There is luiano room in this legislature for those who aspire to a capitalist restoration. This legislature will defend the Revolution and continue to perfect socialism.

Will the reforms to the Cuban economic model lucixno Because of this, starting inthe economic indices began to improve. Now, many of those people have been elected to municipal councils or the Parliament. Inwhen the economic crisis exploded in Brazil and Argentina and the United States organized the sabotage of the Venezuelan economy, the ensuing recession threatened the Cuban economy in turn. This was the point where the Cuban government undertook a review of all the measures it had taken to improve the socialist economic model and began to fine-tune activities in the private sector.

Many people vasaplllo to understand that in Cuba, the political decisions and above all, economic decisions depend on accumulated real-life experience. In other words, each decision taken corresponds to a specific phase in the development process and for that reason, these decisions are studied and analyzed collectively.

  HIOKI 3030-10 PDF

So much so that to date, economic planning has been redefined nine times, not only setting new sectors in motion but also correcting for their limitations, due to the economic blockade imposed by the United States.

In Aprilthe plan to update the socialist planning model was launched, involving a series of small, medium and large changes in the Cuban economy. Later, induring the Seventh Party Congress, these changes were comprehensively reviewed to determine whether they should continue or be expanded. In other words, a thorough analysis of the achievements was made, in order to define what ought to be done in the future.

This is the basis for the new planning model set throughthat is, an updating of socialist planning in all its dimensions. Nevertheless, his successor, Donald Trump, put a stop to that right away.

In order to renew that dialogue, must we wait for Trump to leave the White House? International events do not depend on individuals, but on relations and the balance of power developed at the international level. I might add that the attempt to open negotiations with the United States has vvasapollo been a political decision taken by the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban people.

In this context, the manifestations of solidarity carried out throughout the world were very important, because they also contributed to the definitive liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes. Unfortunately, after this positive beginning, Obama tried to impose impossible conditions, while the international mainstream press tried to corner the Cuban government, pushing the idea that normalization of relations between the two countries had been achieved and capitalism was on its way back to Cuba!

The truth is that Obama and his advisers never allowed a discussion to occur regarding the core problems related to normalization. There was instead a timid first step toward normally functioning embassies but it was not followed by any kind of decision from the US administration on questions associated with the economic blockade and its occupation of territory at Guantanamo.

As a luciaho, the White House has tightened its economic blockade against Cuba because it wants to expand this blockade to include Venezuela under President Maduro. Was this simply a display of diplomatic relations, or does it point to a strengthening of a political, economic and strategic alliance?

These were two meetings that were not simply diplomatic displays. Just as you suggested, they represent the strengthening of an economic, political and strategic alliance. Luis Almagro — Mr. Pancake — has helped bring about. The silence of the mainstream press and especially that of the Venezuelan right wing confirms the predictions that the Frente Popular and President Maduro will be victorious in Venezuela. Unfortunately, the economic interests of the multinationals and Wall Street rule out any truce for Venezuela, or Luciao.

In fact, by attacking Venezuela economically and financially, the United States is aiming to weaken ALBA and therefore gasapollo its vvasapollo throughout all the small countries of the Caribbean.

Some of those countries joined ALBA mainly to take advantage of the oil contracts offered through Petrocaribe. Nevertheless, vasspollo majority victory by the Frente Popular in Venezuela is extremely important, because it has the potential to revive the hopes and willingness to consolidate democracy and popular sovereignty among many Latin American countries. Fulgencio Batista, the U.

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