Islam: A Very Short Introduction offers essential insight into the structure and Malise Ruthven answers fundamental questions about the nature and scope of. Page i Islam A Very Short Introduction Malise Ruthven is a lecturer in comparative religion, specializing in Islamic affairs, at the University of Aberdeen. Malise Ruthven’s Very Short Introduction contains essential insights into issues such How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world?.

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This is an excellent introduction to an understanding of the position and the role of Islam in the contemporary world. Generally decentralized religious authority as in American Protestantism tends is,am conservatism.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

Here, under the benign sufferance of the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein who had his own quarrels with the Shah, Khomeini was free to preach his doctrine of Vilayet e Faqih the ‘governance of the jurist’.

I was not disappointed by this book and am glad to have a bit more insight into another of the world’s religions. Refresh and try again. That is covered to a degree, but often that takes a back seat to more detailed expositions on slightly more esoteric topics. It’s clear that cultural applications and interpretations see the Qiyas have come into play regarding age of marriage, burqas and hijabs, along with the Fez for menand more.

If you love God, follow me, and God will love you” sura 3: The men who collected this material may have been as scrupulous in winnowing out reliable from unreliable traditions as circumstances allowed see below. Important differences of doctrine, however, emerge in these narratives.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction by Malise Ruthven

The focus for those seeking to defend Islam against what they see as the corrupting effects of modern secularism and the ‘West’ is action rather than belief. According to this book, most of the hatred in radical Islam is stemming from new generations of scholars who are, in the face of an information age, ignoring the traditions of prior ulaama learned Muslim scholars and instead marrying their own interpretations of Islam to Marxist and other leftist ideology.

Certainly some names introduuction mentioned, but the impression is the main emphasis is certainly on the first century and then our present century with some background in the 19th and 20th century. Muhammad was born around CE in Mecca, the site of an ancient sanctuary, one of several hawtas or shrines in the region where the warring tribesmen would suspend hostilities during the months of pilgrimage and perform various rituals.


The story emanating from the opening of sura 94, ‘Have we not opened up thy heart and lifted from thee the shodt that had weighed so heavily on thy back?

The theology of the Quran is thus suffused with what became known in Christian theology as the ‘argument from design’. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. At times these are justified, but I can also think that there is no need to make too many comparisons since Islams stands well on its on explanatory legs.

As a young man he entered the service of Khadija, a wealthy widow, and made several trading journeys to Syria on her behalf. A work that had been subjected to any kind of redaction would surely show more signs of narrative coherence.

In New Testament terms, it is as malisw the Epistles were preserved, without any of the four Gospels or Acts of the Apostles. I hope this helps.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction – Malise Ruthven – Oxford University Press

The Ka’ba, the cube-shaped temple at the centre of the Noble Sanctuary in Mecca. A Very Short Introduction J. In this limited context which may also apply to other Muslim minorities in Europe and Asia there may be no necessary contradiction between being Muslim and being atheist or agnostic, just as there are Jewish atheists and Jewish agnostics.

Very Introudction Introductions online. As one of Khomeini’s leading opponents, the conservative Ayatollah Shariatmadari, observed: Indeed, he shlrt one of the greatest signs of his Lord. God doth guide Whom He will To His light.

It is the ruler who appoints the judge, so the implementation of the religious law, but not its interpretation, is under state control. They are the sources of esoteric scriptural knowledge, bearers of the divine light of Truth since the creation, who alone can understand and decode the meanings of scripture. All of these books shaped my opinion of this particular book before I wrote this review.

Theosophical Speculations The Sunni consensus may have opted for the safety of focusing on God’s commands rather than indulging in speculation about his nature; but after their first encounters with Helleno-Christian thought some Muslim intellectuals refused to be put off by bila kaif, going to considerable lengths to reconcile the Quranic deity with the God of the philosophers. Even the virulent anti- Semitism he adopted in the wake of the ArabIsraeli conflict is partly imported, based on the uncritical adoption of European ideas.


I read the first edition, which came out in and is inevitably dated, but there is a new edition which came out in Sufism and Shi’ism The Sufi masters, ruthhven for their spirituality, are known as ‘friends’ walis of God, a term sometimes translated as ‘saints’, though as there is no church in Islam there are no formal processes of canonization. I have slightly modernized this translation. The means adopted towards achieving this end, rjthven, may vary according to the political institutions of the country concerned.

Imitatio Christi meant imitating Christ’s suffering and adopting, ideally, vdry gospel of love. Successes and Failures of the Islamic State The social imaginary, or better, perhaps social memory, lies at the heart of the collective aspirations which hark back to a golden age when dar al-islam the sphere of Islam, distinguished in Islamic legal tradition from dar al-harb, the sphere of war was still expanding and Muslim communities excelled in all the arts of civilization.

Generally there is little consistency in the way such labels are applied. Yes, this is a “Very Short Intro She was so impressed by him that she married him.

Under the Safavids malize synthesis of Neoplatonism and Sufi gnosis reached a further stage in the work of Mulla Verj of Shiraz There are mainly four different schools with different thoughts about whether and when the canon and doors to interpretation are open and whether and when they closed. The same might be said of my chapter on women and the family, a controversial subject that looms large in news coverage of the Islamic world.

The most prestigious of these academies, Al-Azhar in Cairo, was founded in CE and claims to be the oldest university in the world. The Quran only hints at the Quraishi opposition to Muhammad; the rithven and annalists, writing up to three centuries afterwards, suggest that, in addition to his attacks on idolatry, commercial interests played their part.

Why is the greatest ‘Jihad’ holy war now against the enemies of Islam, rather than the struggle against evil?